Thursday, July 9, 2015

Mormon certified

 After weeks of obsessing, I finally made a decision on a Mormon dress for summer. I decided on a black one like the Jenners so it's transitional into fall/winter; it has all the requirements I wanted: pockets, smock style, long sleeves and a longer hemline.
Like many of the designers on La Garçonne's website, I'm not familiar with the work of Aleksandr Manamis and was more drawn to the style and design of the dress. I love that it's a cotton/linen blend because it's lightweight and the unfinished edges make it super casual despite the luxe feel.
The care instructions/thank you letter made me feel like I was truly getting a piece made by someone who reads Latter Day Saints verses and is 'bout dat orthodox lyfe--maybe it was the script font that gave me that vibe.
The main thing I was intrigued by was the graduated hemline; the shorter length in the front means I won't risk tripping and breaking my face running for the bus (it's like a slight phobia actually), and the longer hemline in the back completely covers my calves--showing the calves is much too racy for the Mormon aesthetic.
I know this look is going to be a wardrobe trend for me; it's the second simple black dress in the minimalist luxe style I'm trying so desperately to preserve and it won't be the last.

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