Thursday, October 22, 2015

death aesthetics and perpetual basicness

Undertaker chic: Vetements sweater, Acne boots, Simone Rocha bag and Gap wool hat
I finally got my ootd area together (I actually have one since my apartment is no longer a corner inside of a box)...I wear the same thing basically everyday since I still can't bring myself to set up my closet. If I had done so I would realize I could use some not-so-basic things in my wardrobe--lookit what these children around me are wearing tho:

 ...I feel like I'm too basic for maroon wetlook leggings and white platform sneakers....but they're so coooool, right? I'll never get on this level.
...however, I did elevate my vanity area; it's pretty simple, but still leagues cuter than what I had before and it makes me want to drag my ass out of bed a little faster for work on Mondays.
In other random wannabe fashion blogger news: The fur bags are being swapped out; I actually don't like the Simone Rocha one nearly as much as the Alice and Olivia one and I can't wait to upgrade to a Givenchy one (I'm saving up like a wise shopaholic should).
...and more fur is being added to the decor because this particular shearling rug was too shaggy to pass up and obviously I'm a Tumblr scrolling basic bitch.

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