Thursday, October 29, 2015

snaps from the beginning

I figured these Martiniano glove slippers would be my final try at finding the perfect ballet flats...they really do fit like a glove actually.
...this was my first unnecessary bougie peice; a hood by A D├ętacher. I wore it all the time just to prove to myself that it was necessary (it still kind of isn't...I dig the faux Muslim lady look it gives me though). took an extra week for these to arrive due to an order snafu, and even though they arrived slightly defective, I still love them and wore them religiously (I have no idea what happened Solestruck headquarters must be in the jungle or something because one of the shoes was scratched up and the bag it came in had a chewed up hole...? There's video footage of of it that I never posted actually, it was all kind of bizarre).
This is a random ootd shot I did when I first wore those slippers...I miss the warm weather already. My first (and shittiest) apartment was a summer lease and I remember the AC being inadequate and constantly eating popcicles.

All of these photos came from my other computer, which is now mostly put out to pasture after too many scary crash incidents...they are the first few captures of the beginning of my real life.

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