Thursday, December 8, 2016

I had to cut the tags


At first I wanted some Uggs to replace my old ones, but I saw these and thought maybe I should try something different. After missing out on the Jimmy Choo/Moon Boot collab last year I saw these Inuikii shearling boots as the perfect pair.

When I first tried them on, I have to admit they were a little too snug (they fit a size small), but it's one of those "do it for fashion" moments where I just had to give them a chance. However, I did keep the tags on just in case I changed my mind and they were too tight to bear. After wearing them for a few days and feeling them mold to my feet, I fell in love, I mean, LOOKIT THEM THO--multiple layers of animal fluff just so my toes don't have to suffer this winter, loves it.

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