Saturday, December 31, 2016

nail art | still a thing for me

I'm just gonna post all the nail art I failed to post starting with this sponged on look from back when I was obsessed with sponged on looks...I didn't care for the color combo, but I liked the matte effect.
...clown nails maybe? I was playing with negative space at the time and I remember the glitter was from Urban Outfitters.
A few moments with chevrons. The neon one was with Orly nail colors, a brand I was using for the first time; their base coat is still a favorite of mine.
This isn't artistic really, but this is one of my all time favorite nail colors by Essie, "high class affair"; I think it's such a luxurious color against my skin tone.
...some color blocking or whatever. The yellow is Essie's 1000th color called "aim to misbehave" and I wish I just kept it on its own, it's pretty with a french tip.
Also from Essie around the same time, their water color palette sets were so cute and fun, above and below are the two looks I tried; I think the one below turned out better...

Finally, this was my holiday/winter nail art look; second day so it's a bit chipped. I worked so hard on the tree, meticulously placing a chunk of glitter for the star on top (at first it was just going to be an evergreen, but then I was like, 'why not act like I have Christmas cheer?'). 

Right now my nails just have a neutral nail look that I had professionally applied for the first time ever while I was on a winter vacation in San Diego. I'm sure I'll come up with more nail art looks in the new year, but getting the salon treatment every now and then might become a thing as well.

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