Thursday, June 22, 2017

summer add ons

I see why people like Kate Spade so much, I think her tassel bag straps are adorable and so far pretty legit quality-wise. I picked this pony hair and leather one up a while ago to go with my Marc Jacobs bag and my first set of bag charms, but I think it looks so fresh with this shearling coin purse by Miu Miu. All three are perfect accessories for my latest bag purchase, a woven piece by Weldon. Finally, a nice set of over the ear headphones (B&O Play) so I can get lost in all the new music I've been buying lately while signaling to others to leave me the fuck alone. All of these are brands I've either never heard of or tried before, but they worked really well together as the latest additions to create my perfect summer vibe.

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