Friday, September 26, 2014


Top and bottom from U.O.--they actually are by two different brands and don't fully match; Doc Marten sandals; AA shawl.

Sooooooooo my living situation is once again, a situation.

I have to be honest (as usual, right?) the honeymoon is over and my eyes have already wandered elsewhere. 

So far, I'm just annoyed with the lack of square footage--that photo literally captures about 75 percent of my entire living space (I don't even know if that pile of clothes will make it into any storage outside of a black bag). The kitchen is especially dismaying because even though its small size will make it easier to clean, my cooking activities will be limited. 

Next week I have the opportunity to check out other available spaces in the area and I'm hoping I can sign a lease for more accommodating digs...

...but for now, it's cheap, it's directly in front of the bus stop making it super hard to be late for work and best of all, it's a major upgrade from my summer place (it fucking had bats--BATS--and large bugs I have yet to see here).

Other pros I should focus on include: I can comfortable open the windows; there's a lobby with a sometimes secured door (it's not computerized like the newer buildings); the appliances are old, but they work; the smoke alarm goes off when I'm cooking sometimes, but at least it's not every time I take a hot shower; and the central air is sometimes on when it really shouldn't be, but it's way better than needing a fan. Best of all, I am always only five minutes away from frozen yogurt and sushi. 

I think I'll survive.

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