Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Shituation


So now that the generic fblogger outfit pixs are out of the way--

It's official, I hate my apartment okay. Like, HATES IT.

I still can't fit my shoes anywhere and it's making me the hell am I supposed to organize and function without my shoes being organized and functional??? They're not doing anything just sitting in moving bags...I don't even know what I have, I've actually been shopping for shoes I technically already have--because I've forgotten--because I can't see them--because this apartment is too fucking small and I'm over it.


I'm not one to bitch about a shitty situation without talking about the solution: I signed a lease for my dream apartment today so there is a gorgeous-spacious-industrial style-actual walk-in closet-beautiful full kitchen-full bath-amazing living room-washer dryer included-vaulted ceiling light at the end of this long 11 month tunnel.

Now here's a photo of how I celebrated my solution:

taro, red velvet and green tea with brownies and oreo

1 comment:

  1. Oooh your dream apartment sounds dream apartment. *crying* Whateva! I'm gonna bribe myself with treats til I'm over it too. :p I love these posts gorl! & ICU wearing those Marants! Lol. Love how simple the second outfit is too. #beauty/stylebloggers


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