Thursday, January 29, 2015

Before the Spending Ban begins...

...and my birthday month ends...
Acne Studios beta sweatshirt
...I thought I'd get a few more things. Before I made any selections, I did a knitwear inventory and I found myself lacking (contrary to what it seems, I'm not just mindlessly buying things, okay).  I know I can get a sweatshirt that probably looks identical to the one above for way less than half the cost, but why would my boogie ass do that?
Banjo & Matilda sherpa knit sweater
The second piece is just because during my inventory I discovered I don't have a good, classic black wool sweater and the sleeves on this one look nice and long for my gangly arms.  Both pieces were selected based on a collection of Tumblr reblogs that I used as a reference to further upgrade the coziest section of my wardrobe.

Also, DSW kindly sent me a birthday gift certificate that expires in a couple days so I figured tomorrow I'd use it as an excuse to spend more money and get something cute on only moderately necessary.

By the way, am I the only one that celebrates a birthday month? Does anyone else like to over-indulge in themselves?

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  1. Still lusting after your jackets and now I find myself wanting some kind of an oversized sweater (that I can't afford)... BUT! Be proud...I finally updated my damn page haha. I WILL get back into this! Love ya girl! <3


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