Monday, February 2, 2015

Review | Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish

I'm trying so hard to keep to my word this year and a loooooooong time ago (actually, it was xmas) I said I would do a review on one of Sally Hansen's newest offerings (well, new to me at least), so here it is:
My color was "wine stock", perfect for fall/winter.
I've been intrigued with gel nails for a while now because sometimes I'm just too lazy to bother with redoing my nails after a long day, but chipped nails are just so gross and uncouth and it'd be nice if I had more time between manicures. Anyway, I saw this nail polish system (it comes in a duo or you can get separate nail colors) and decided to give it a try based on all its promises...

 I followed the directions and after seven days, this is what they looked like:
As you can see there is visible chipping and I don't think they would have made it 14 days HOWEVER, this is not nearly as bad as my other manicures have been with entire chunks of color just peeling away after only a few days. Additionally, I think something has to be said for my application skills; I try to do a thorough job of painting the coats on in a fashion that will prevent chipping (using a base coat, sealing the tips of nails, etc), but I'm not a professional. All things considered, I think the top coat is a legitimately superior formula...
Miracle in a bottle? Possibly.
I used Essie's All in One base coat and two coats of the color, although I thought the polish dried quickly, the real star was the top coat. Even after seven days, it still had a bit of shine and the formula was I guess, flexible enough to resist those annoying hairline cracks in the color that I usually get along the edges of my nails.
Overall, the results will keep me coming back for more, mainly because I think the top coat might truly be holy grail status...but I'm still in the testing phase, I have to see if it's compatible with other be continued.

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