Thursday, February 5, 2015

As of late...

...the last* of the packages finally arrived; you guys have already seen what's in them. I was very pleased with their offline existence, both so soft and plush.

  ...getting so into this green sludge that Panera is serving--soooooo guuuuuuud and super healthy too.

...but I'm still here for bacon and cheese. I finally got to revisit that Mac 'n Cheez place--remember when I was wandering around in the cold looking for food? Yeah, it was actually because I thought they were still open at the time I decided to leave my place, bastards changed their hours on me. I picked up a simplified variation of the usual, just bacon and cheese.

...hit DSW and used my birthday certificate towards some new house shoes; it's very important the toes stay toasty when I'm slothing around my apartment.

...finally, the froyo place introduced some new flavors including salted caramel (amazing) and hazelnut chocolate (meh). I've taken to eating a slice of cheesecake with it because I must nurture my inner fatass.

*y'all know I'm lying.

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