Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tall Girl Solutions | Part 2 of 2

...so you can do what I did with that other sweater or you could just like, get a sweater that fits the way you want it to...
The Dita dress I wanted actually sold out before I could get it, but the the Demi sweater reappeared in my size so I was like, "OBVIOUSLY JESUS WANTS ME TO HAVE IT SO..."
I was trying to replicate the photo that started it all
Okay so I'm broke now! 

Not really, but like, this spending ban plan I had, IT HAS TO HAPPEN. I'm so scared I'll spend my way out of my shitty apartment...not to mention I want to go all out with furnishing my next one.

....being an adult....
....is so fucking hard...

Acne Studios everything; Simone Rocha bag, Marc Jacobs hat.
Whatever. Life goes on. I'll do my absolute best to keep from scrolling through online boutique stores even when they have a sale and it's the last day and I feel the need to reward myself for being such a boss at work.

...and now I'm gonna go be a responsible young lady and add up all the bills I pay just to keep myself in check.

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