Sunday, April 5, 2015

on the day He rose...

...the latest knitwear from 3.1 Phillip Lim.

One the day He rose I had to seek caffeine to even get through the day...and now I'm crashing so I'll be brief.

I decided to dress in head to toe fuzziness to go wait for the bus that never came because I forgot that He had risen on this day, but the bus people did took me a full 25 minutes of waiting to remember.

...however a few restaurants in the area and CVS of course did not care too much about Jesus coming back to life. I was able to take a peek at the spring offerings of one local boutique and also pick up some sushi cuisine at a restaurant I hadn't eaten at before.

I came back and finally got on my nail art kick again...mostly the organizing and photography stuff (stay tuned!).

I hope your Easter was just as exciting. 


  1. I like that nail polish organizer...and organizers in general...but I have no use for one because my collection of polishes has reached the most obscene level. Seriously, it's ridiculous...However, ever since I stopped using that Sally Hansen base coat (pink bottle, had it on the blog before) my nails will NOT grow...I need to go buy some immediately...I also really wanna go to CVS now. Tomorrrowwwww!

    1. That sushi is making me drool....wahhhhh. Hungry at 2am...


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