Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I'm going there as soon as the snow falls...

These fluffy thigh highs by Moschino became number one on the want list this season after I figured I should go all the way to Sasquatch-ville if I'm doing the whole furry boot look.

...but for those looking for a more subdued version here's some other poofy picks from around the internet:

by ChloƩ, found on Barney's site. They actually came out before the Moschino ones and I had my eye on them for a while, but I prefer the black fur more.

...these are truly the more subdued version of my pick, they're about four inches shorter (found on Shopbop)

...and these are the adorable blonde fox fur version (Shopbop).

Phillip Lim makes a cute but rugged fur bootie (Net-a-porter and Shopbop)

Giuseppe Zanotti came up with this wild heeled version for the bougie ladies that don't plan on actually walking in the snow (Shopbop).

...and finally these ones by Pedro Garcia are reminiscent of Ugg's "fluff momma" boots from way back in the day; lowkey, I think I would have gone for them instead if I hadn't seen the Moschino ones first (Shopbop).

I'm not really sure when I started thinking of fur boots as cute and cuddly instead of mildly offensive, but I'm pretty committed to looking like a 24/7 go-go dancer this winter.

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