Friday, November 21, 2014

Icy Ambush

image's the view out my window (I wasn't about to go outside and get a prettier shot, I'd rather just peek into the bleak view that complements my humble abode. That cold white shit has arrived and it's not hitting the ground and melting this time, it's just piling up and icing over and I'm so. Not. Ready--like, I haven't even decided which winter jacket is going to join my closet first.
...however, I am super grateful I snatched up these thick leather pants by Acne Studios last season; this winter is going to be no joke and they make me feel at least half ready.

...and as if I didn't have enough issues selecting my best defense against the freezing temps, my sister texted me and asked for some help with finding a winter coat (I am the trendiest one in my family after all) and this was the one she and I thought looked the best...the two coats I'm currently eying are hoodless, but I've always loved a good, functional head cover...the dilemma continues. 

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